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Online Yoga

Yoga + Meditation from the comfort of home

Find mind-body balance with yoga and meditation anytime! As a VIP member, you can stream and practice with me anytime right from the comfort of your home.


You also get access to a VIP only webinar practice every month for as long as you are a member! Plus you receive discounts on events, retreats, and more perks for being a VIP!


Yoga Teacher Training Course

Deepen your yoga practice and become a certified yoga instructor.


I am so excited to have teamed up with Shannon Jamail to bring you the flexibility of an online teacher training program with the option of finishing your journey with an in person 4 day retreat!


Whether you want to learn more for your own personal practice or learn to lead others, this program gives you all the tools you need.

Yoga Class

Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Course

Do you struggle with feeling overwhelmed, tired, constantly worrying, not sleeping well, digestion issues and just an overall sense of not feeling good?


This course includes scientific based programs and information on how to relieve stress and anxious feelings/thoughts/symptoms through specific tools of mindfulness, grounding techniques and postures + meditations.


About Me

Kim DeMoss

Hi, I'm Kim! I'm someone who can help you to not only feel good, but learn to love yourself and flourish using specialized tools, mindset work and tips for a whole mind + body wellness picture.  As a retreat leader and certified trauma informed yoga instructor, my mission is to help women create a routine and mindset that feels authentic, purposeful and practical. I find complete joy in sharing ways to heal the mind, body, and soul through yoga, mindfulness, and specialized wellness practices. 


Maybe you are feeling stressed, anxious, and completely out of balance? I have been there. I’ve learned that straying from my own practices leaves me reeling from stress and anxiety and an overwhelming sense of being out of control. Once that cycle starts, everything else feels like it falls out of sync and I would find myself lost, frustrated and just plain exhausted. I’ve learned from my own experiences and had to take a hard look at my own life, my daily choices and my mindset to truly connect with my inner knowing that said, 'take care of you first’.  

Once I began to lean-in to the places that needed my attention, I was able to find healing, joy, energy and strength through yoga, mindfulness, and specialized wellness practices. I became the student and the teacher for my own journey. This is where I found my calling. Being able to understand HOW and WHY our bodies and brains work the way they do and how yoga, meditation, and mindset practices can help improve and balance these functions is invaluable. Through my experience working with women across the globe, and leading yoga and meditation sessions, retreats, and workshops, I can help you flourish and find the tools you need to bloom where you are planted, and fall in love with the journey along the way.


If you’re looking to find abundance, courage, authenticity, connection, peace, energy and your own balance, I provide various platforms to create and build your wellness journey in a way that suits your needs and fits your schedule. With online yoga sessions, we can meet at the time that is right for you and not be limited to the hours of a traditional studio setting. With retreats and workshops, we can work together to build community and connection while gaining knowledge on how and why the mind-body connection is so important. With my VIP program you gain access to all the above and more including specialized workshops, events and one on one support. Whether yoga + mindfulness is part of your life today, or never has been, I am excited to share specific tools and ways that can help you cultivate a beautiful understanding of the importance of a healthy mind-body connection so that you can flourish and thrive!

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Want to try a class?

Want to sample a yoga and meditation practice with me? Click below and meet me on your mat!


Rebekah, Prattville, AL

"Kim is the real thing. She is educated in the study of yoga practice. She listens, and truly cares about your overall well being. If it wasn’t for Kim Demoss, I know that right now I would be on disability instead of running my own business. So, thank you Kim for all that you do."


Amy, Navarre, FL

"...In general, I was able to stop being a patient and start living again, and I guarantee you that I could not have gotten to that place without Kim's help. Kim has touched my family in such a profound way that already it has created a ripple effect that continues to touch the lives of others. Thank you Kim, for holding space for those with special needs."


Shannon, Canyon Lake, CA

"Everything about Kim DeMoss is surrounded in love, compassion and the best energy. Her knowledge and application of yoga, lifestyle and healthy living practices are so relevant and outstanding. So grateful for you girl!"



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