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RECAP - Ultimate Reset Week 1

September 21, 2016

 The Ultimate Reset. I am FINALLY conquering this program and am so glad I am. Here's a little back story about it: When I first heard of this "Cleanse" program I thought there was no way in heck I was going to do supplements multiple times a day and be super restrictive about food. Then I started seeing people's results from it and it blew me away! But not enough to be excited enough to actually commit to it. It literally took 3 years of watching other people conquer this intense detox (and my friend Eileen bugging me that we should do it now) to commit and go all in.


Listen, this program is NOT easy. My pictures on social media, albeit pretty, don't show what happens behind the scenes well. The reason NOW is the time for me is because I've kinda been on a downward spiral with my eating habits which have helped the scale climb almost 8 pounds over the weight I had already gained back. So here I am... being vulnerable with you all and giving you my week 1 recap! 


The Ultimate Reset comes with a program book - and I shall call it my reset bible. It literally tells you everything you need to know about how the 3 weeks will go and why you're doing what you're doing. Committing to this 3 week program (3 Phases that change each week) effectively rids your body of years of toxins that you've been exposed to through food, supplements, distilled mineralized water, and REST! One tip I can share right away is that it's a really good idea to do something this intense with someone. If it weren't for doing this with one of my best friends I don't think I'd have made it to writing this blog post. We can commiserate together on the hard days and chat about all the weird things changing in our bodies which thankfully have been at different times so we can help keep each other balanced.


So fast forward to me actually getting the program, reading, and then setting our start date. September 9th! I took on the task of grocery shopping for myself and Eileen at Whole Foods since she was out of town and we wanted to prep all day when she got back. I am thankful for helpful children that day... it took 2 hours and 2 carts FULL of all kinds of vegetables, grains, fruit, and more vegetables!

Monday I loaded up my groceries and storage containers and we spent 3 hours doing prep work @ Eileen's house because I'm also crazy enough to do this while I don't have a fully functioning kitchen. After our prep work we celebrated with a "last supper" to say goodbye to comfort food for the next 3 weeks - fettuccini alfredo with grilled chicken, wine, and too much dessert, haha! I should also preface this with the fact that I switched from regular coffee to decaf coffee 5 days before we started. Caffeine withdrawal is literally no joke - I was exhausted and irritable for those 5 days but it SIGNIFICANTLY helped me prep for no coffee once we started the cleanse.

Tuesday was Day 1 which was the start of Phase 1 - Reclaim.


Day 1 went surprisingly well. I was not hungry at all and those photos were my awesome food that day! I did end up with a slight headache towards the end of the day, but drinking more water helped it go away. Day 2 was not so friendly to me. I woke up with a ton of energy and in a great mood but it quickly went downhill after my dentist appointment (which always gives me headaches). I tried to get relief using my peppermint essential oil and that worked temporarily but I eventually just took some meds because well, I can't be a jerk to my kids just because I'm doing a cleanse! Day 3 went well again and it seemed like I was on this every other day feeling great cycle. 


By Friday though, I was over it. Not wanting to quit over it, but just feeling defeated and slightly depressed and anxious. These are both side effects because well, we're cleansing out the bad and not comforting with food, so I was having to deal with some emotions (and I'm a super emotional person) so it was rough! Thankfully though, Eileen kept my girls for a sleepover and I got to take off the mom hat for a night and it was literally the best thing for me. Saturday I woke up early even though I didn't have to, had a quiet morning with my favorite fall candle and breakfast of farina, walnuts, and apples. Then the girls and I ended up cleaning the whole house for the first time in a LONG time. It's amazing what a quiet night for a mom can do! 


Sunday meant church and that had me nervous because I'd be out of the house for a while and facing the inevitable delicious treats after church and small group - but I packed my giant water bottle and made it happen with only smelling those delicious treats. 


The worst part was the power greens that you have to mix into water - I literally gagged the first 3 days drinking it. Then, we figured out that adding lime juice to it and also chasing it with a lime made it tolerable! 


Unexpected stuff: Insanely vivid dreams, not peeing a million times drinking a gallon of water a day, eye sight improving? Could be all in my head, but I really thought the other day that I could see better without my glasses on. Even having a hard time sleeping at night I'm waking up with a TON of energy. The food is actually really good and I haven't been hungry (except for Monday, that was the first day I was feeling pretty hungry). Weird cramping/tingling in my legs a few days, my body has been sore even though I haven't worked out at all.


Monday = WEEK 1 DONE! It also meant prep work for the next week and well packing groceries and shuttling to Eileen's house again because you guessed it... still no kitchen! BUT hopefully by the end of this cleanse I'll have my new kitchen!


Now for the results!


But first - let me make it clear that although the weight loss is a total bonus, my reason for doing this is not solely weight loss. I'm working on figuring out how my body responds to certain foo