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Week 2 Detox RECAP!

September 28, 2016

Week 2... the best part about it... is that it's over! The Ultimate Reset has scared me because of this transition week. I knew week 2 would be a challenge mentally from everything I read on the different support sites, but this is an individual journey, so I was curious to see how I responded to "release" week. This week the focus of the Ultimate Reset was to release the build up of toxins that our bodies are holding on to. You might think that automatically means you're in the bathroom doing you know what the whole time, but this is a GENTLE cleanse. I could get into the specifics of the bathroom trips, but I'll spare you ;) 


This week, just like last, started out pretty good. I've been journaling every day so I can remember exactly how I was feeling because this seems to be all consuming and I forget what day it is and what the heck is going on in life, lol! Most of the week I felt a bit drained but still had a ton of patience. That has surprised me the most. I've seemed to have gained an extraordinary amount of patience with my children. Who knew detoxing could do that, right?? I can also tell my taste buds have changed because the zucchini with lemon juice dinner in the picture tasted like candy! As the week went on though I completely lost that feeling of hunger. I'm not sure if it was the detox mix I drank 3 times a day or the change from last week's menu, but I was never hungry and had a hard time finishing my meals. 


By day 10 I could tell my moods were starting to get a little out of whack. I would wake up energized and then crash and feel unmotivated and then randomly I'd perk up again and get on with life. One thing I wrote about that day was that I've started to notice that food isn't a big deal, I just eat it and move on, it's not some giant production or full of comfort. It's fuel. I like that! But of course, as this week goes on... I change my tune and want to eat everything in sight. Not because I'm hungry but because I want to pick my food and stop being told what to eat from a book. 


The food this week was all pretty good, the only weird part was having chickpeas for breakfast 2 of the days, but the 2nd time I had it with sautéed kale and avocado and holy cow, it was delicious! (see... told ya my taste buds were changing!) Here's a glance at some of the food from week 2.