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SUCCESS! Final Ultimate Reset Recap

October 5, 2016


AHH! I did it!! 3 weeks of eating super clean food, daily supplements, and getting lots of rest to let my body detox. I am beyond proud of myself for completing this program and for NOT cheating AT ALL. I followed the program to a T and got some pretty awesome results. Food is one of the hardest things to control for most people, so when I agreed to do the Ultimate Reset with a friend I knew it would be tough. I was in a cycle of overeating, boredom eating, stress eating... and a whole lot more but knew I really needed a change. Those bad habits I was reverting back to had me feeling down and the weight gain only made things worse. I flat out was NOT feeling like myself. 


{Insert Ultimate Reset} and I slowly transitioned back into my happy, uplifting self that I've come to really like ;)



Week 3 was probably the hardest food week. You transition during the "reclaim" phase into eating less grains and beans so it's basically all fruits and vegetables. I was definitely the most hungry in week 3 and had a lot more cravings to just eat something off plan but as each day passed I wouldn't let myself because I was that much closer to finishing it and I want to see what I could accomplish by not cheating and messing up what was happening in my body. Again about halfway through the week I got mentally drained but my brother came to my rescue on Saturday and took the kids out for a few hours and it totally helped! The weekends have been so hard for me through this but some naps and quiet time were SO incredibly helpful. One of the biggest changes mentally for me has been the immense amount of patience I have with my girls. The first night of week 3 I had them in the kitchen helping me cook and do dishes. My old self would have just done it all myself because it's a heck of a lot faster, but I took the time out to really enjoy spending that time with them and I'm forever grateful for that change!


The biggest challenge for me was Monday. I got a job teaching Insanity Live at the local YMCA and Monday, day 21 of the Ultimate Reset was my first day teaching. Not ideal, because I'm not supposed to workout, but I made sure to add a few extra approved snacks (quinoa to my lunch salad and 1/2 a scoop of my vegan shake with an apple for a snack) to boost calories to help get through the class. It had me so anxious though. I definitely was overthinking it for sure. I knew I could handle teaching but not being able to really practice the whole class had me crazy nervous. BUT I survived and think I did pretty well actually! I'm still insanely sore from the class, but I know that I'll get back to my normal routine of working out now that the reset is over.


Monday was also the last day I had to chug those Power Greens. For sure the grossest part of the cleanse! The whole point of them though is to alkalinize the body and give a boost in protein from greens. As awful as it tasted I almost miss it now that I'm not taking it. Weird right?!?

So now for the stats... I'm totally impressed with my personal results. I am not at my lowest weight, but I don't actually care about that part. I know that adding workouts back in I'll gain some strength back and tone up but I'm so much happier now than there I was before I took this 3 weeks for myself. 

The Ultimate Reset was definitely mentally the hardest thing I've completed but it was worth every day of it (even the hard days!) I've got such a better understanding of how my body works and processes food. It's actually hard to explain in words, but it totally affected me on a deeper level than I thought it would!


Weight Lost: 9.8 lbs

Inches Lost: 18.25

I've got a lot more to chat about with my food choices going forward but I'll save that for another blog post - so check back again soon!


If you want more information on how you can get started with the Ultimate Reset or your own Health and Fitness Journey Click Here!








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