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November 4, 2017

The last few months have been a huge transition for not only my family moving to a new area, but for my growth as a yoga instructor too. I knew deep in my soul that our relocation would be an opportunity for me to really begin pursuing my dreams in the yoga world and boy, was I right! The first week we arrived in Alabama I was contacted by the local YMCA to begin teaching 3 classes a week; which was such a blessing to help me adjust to our new normal in a new town. Shortly after I decided to delve deeper and attend more yoga trainings, specific to teaching children in the classroom and children with special needs. These trainings truly transformed my teaching and not just in my ability to teach yoga to children, but to be able to guide educators in ways to incorporate yoga into their classrooms. It was exactly the push I needed to get out of my own head and start pursuing what I was made to be doing.


This weekend I'm lucky enough to be in Nashville to lead a presentation on bringing yoga into the classroom and I cannot wait to share what I love! The project and presentation my co-presenter and I have  put together is EXCITING and is going to change the way educators think about how yoga can work in a classroom setting. I am so passionate about teaching our youth the benefits of yoga and mind-body awareness and I truly believe it's what we need in our high paced society that never stops. This is why I created Project: Mindful Movement, designed to bring yoga to children in a fun and engaging way and help facilitate healthy self regulation skills. It's taken a lot of nurturing and changing and developing and I don't think it'll ever be complete as things are always evolving in the yoga, meditation, mindfulness world. None the less I am proud of where it is beginning!


Another transformation that you may notice on my website that there is now a Sign up/Login page! For now, educators can access a digital download page filled with information they can use with their students. I am still in the beginning stages of adding in recordings of classes and meditations but I hope for this to be a much larger part of my website by the end of the year.


I would have never imagined in a million years that website development, leading conference sessions, and starting on a journey of teaching others about yoga for kids would be my path but I am forever grateful for it! This is only the beginning though, so I hope you stay tuned for the rest of the ride because it's sure to be an exciting and ever changing one!


<3 Namaste <3



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