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If you or someone you know is suffering from back pain, knee pain, hip pain, or about to undergo surgery for these issues. I urge you to try Kim Demoss first. She isn’t one of these yoga instructors who took a “weekend course”. Kim is the real thing. She is educated in the study of yoga practice. She listens, and truly cares about your overall well being. If it wasn’t for Kim Demoss, I know that right now I would be on disability instead of running my own business. So, thank you Kim for all that you do. 

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Prattville, AL

Kim is a delightful person to be around. I love her spirit and kindness and her voice is so soothing. I enjoyed our retreat so much! I loved having structure but yet we could do what we wanted. Everything was perfect and I'm looking forward to going back!


Loudon, TN

Everything about Kim DeMoss is surrounded in love, compassion and the best energy. Her knowledge and application of yoga, lifestyle and healthy living practices are so relevant and outstanding. So grateful for you girl!


Temecula, CA

Kim is an amazing yoga instructor. Her voice alone will put your mind at ease. She was a wonderful retreat host as well!


Morrison, TN

Kim is a wonderful yoga instructor! I recently attended a retreat facilitated by her and I have never been so relaxed. Her gentle demeanor put me in such a calm mindset that I was able to push myself to do things I had never been able to. I would highly recommend her her any yoga instruction or retreat. Counting the days to attend the next one!


St. Augustine, FL

​Kim has helped me so much with the grief of losing my husband. She created a special routine just for me to benefit my stress and strengthen my spirit. Every time I leave her class I feel like I'm floating on air. Thank you Kim for what you do for me.


Navarre, FL

While grieving the death of my father I turned to yoga. It’s amazing what yoga can do for grief. Instead of reaching for medication I reached for yoga. Kim was there the whole time and knew exactly what to do to help with my anxiety that was manifesting from grief. I know for a fact that if it wasn’t for Kim and her knowledge on the topic I wouldn’t have made it through quite like I did. I am eternally grateful to Kim and Yoga.


Gulf Breeze, FL

While pregnant with my second child in 2009, I developed arthritis all over my body and tons of allergies. I went to see countless doctors, but none of them were able to give me back my quality of life or figure out what was causing it. Finally in 2016, I ended up homebound for my health for an entire year (and much of that time I spent in the bed). The beginning of 2017 was a turning point. I realized that all of my health problems were caused by my fight or flight system running 24/7 for years, but I had no idea how to shut it off. I started meeting with Kim every week in January of 2017. By May of 2017 I was no longer homebound. I was able to eat foods I hadn't been able to eat in years. I was able to take my children to the beach without getting seriously dehydrated. I was able to move without pain in ways I hadn't been able to move in years. In general, I was able to stop being a patient and start living again, and I guarantee you that I could not have gotten to that place without Kim's help. As a person with Aspergers, I really needed a trustworthy, compassionate soul to come along side me in my most vulnerable state, to listen, and to think outside the box about how to help me see how yoga and meditation could bring balance and peace to the war within that had literally been splitting me in two: the person I thought I was supposed to be and the person I was born to be. In addition, she also worked with both of my kids who also have Autism Spectrum Disorders to help them find their own balance and sense of peace through beginning their own yoga practice. Kim has touched my family in such a profound way that already it has created a ripple effect that continues to touch the lives of others. Thank you Kim, for holding space for those with special needs. <3


Navarre, FL

Kim's classes are both fun and challenging. She takes the time to get to know you and incorporates your needs/wants into the session. Her barre class is a leg workout like no other!


Navarre, FL

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