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I'm so excited to welcome you to my online space! Whether yoga + mindfulness is part of your life today, or never has been, I am excited to share specific tools and ways that can help you cultivate a beautiful understanding of the importance of a healthy mind-body connection so that you can flourish and thrive!


FREE Calming & 
Lesson Plan

Join the Project Mindful Movement community and get access to our Mindful Corner Kit. This kit is filled with print-outs, activities, lessons and videos to create a mindful corner wherever you need it. Get the resources delivered right to your inbox!

Create peace, calm & centering with your kids using this free kit and lesson plan.

Creating a mindful home helps to center us, become more present & helps to reduce fear and anxiety. This also helps us to stay connected to those we love while also having a little bit of structured mindfulness fun.  Using mindful techniques and movements helps us to create a more healthy and positive atmosphere as we navigate the changes in our lives.

Project Mindful Movement exists to help your children learn fundamental self-regulation skills in a fun and unique way.  Our videos and lesson plans will give your child the tools to better communicate as they learn how to move their body, practice stillness with mindful meditations, and have fun with our activity pages.

The Mindful Warrior

The Mindful Warrior was born out of a desire to serve our military community with specialized tools that can help reduce stress & anxiety, relieve symptoms of PTSD, and improve overall well-being. Your military service gave you the tools to survive high-tempo, high-stress environments. Let us show you how to thrive beyond your service.  Join us and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery & self-awareness!

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Yoga with Kim

I provide various platforms to create and build your wellness journey in a way that suits your needs and fits your schedule. If you're local to the Ramstein Air Base, Germany area, join me for a live class at the Southside Fitness Center. With my online wellness studio, we can meet at the time that is right for you and not be limited to the hours of a traditional studio setting. If you're looking to grow your practice, I offer a variety of courses to help you gain knowledge on how and why the mind-body connection is so important. Let's connect!

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About me

Hi, I'm Kim!

I'm a military wife, and mom of 3 amazing girls and I've been a yoga teacher for over 11 years. I'm someone who can help you to not only feel good, but learn to love yourself and flourish using specialized tools, mindset work and tips for a whole mind + body wellness picture.  As a retreat leader and certified trauma informed yoga instructor, my mission is to help my community create a routine and mindset that feels authentic, purposeful and practical. I find complete joy in sharing ways to heal the mind, body, and soul through yoga, mindfulness, and specialized wellness practices. 

Learn more about me and join the mailing list to stay connected!

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