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A movement and mindfulness program for students created by Kim DeMoss

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Project Mindful Movement is a program designed for students and created for educators and parents to easily introduce mindfulness using movement and growth mindset practices in a classroom setting.

​Through movement and mindfulness practices, we have the capacity to incorporate the whole child in the learning process in a fun and engaging way. We believe giving children time to breathe, reset, and refocus using our lesson plans and activities will help students not only perform better academically, but socially and emotionally as well.

My desire is to help build a culture of community in the classroom and home through mindful movement practices while not having to rearrange your entire schedule. My program is geared towards the K-8th grade age range, but all of the lesson plans can be adapted for higher grade levels. This video shares more about who I am and what I strive to provide for students.

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FREE Calming & Centering Lesson Plan

Create peace, calm & centering with your kids using this free kit and lesson plan. Join the Project Mindful Movement community and get access to our Mindful Corner Kit.


This kit is filled with print-outs, activities, lessons and videos to create a mindful corner in your home while the kids are home and you are finding a new routine. Resources delivered right to your inbox!

What are educators saying about Project Mindful Movement?

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