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10 Tips to Create Mindfulness at Home

Creating a mindful home isn’t complicated but it also isn't easy. We are constantly surrounded by messages that more and busy is better, but by practicing mindfulness with the whole family we learn to slow down and become more present and involved in our family life and the lives of those we love. Paying attention to our home environments ensures that it reflects a happy, healthy, positive atmosphere.

Mindfulness means to simply pay attention on purpose and without judgement. This can become challenging with the distractions of everyone’s schedules, responsibilities, homework, and more.

Use these 10 tips to create space in your home that allows everyone to flourish. Encourage each family member to adopt one or more of these tips and everyone will learn together what it takes to create a more mindful home.

#1 – Wake up with the sun

Our bodies are beautiful, smart creations. We have the ability to program healthy sleep/wake rhythms and our bodies know this pattern best. Listen to it. Allow yourself to wake up with the sun and keep your circadian rhythm in balance.

#2 – Make your bed

Start your day being productive and with a sense of accomplishment. The simple act of making your bed will lead to other good habits throughout the day and will also make you feel good when it’s time to crawl back into that cozy bed at night.

#3 – Set a goal or positive statement of belief for the day

By creating a simple, positive, uplifting statement about your day you can keep yourself feeling happy and energetic. Positivity breeds positivity. Daily affirmations help keep you in a positive mood and happy, optimistic people tend to be healthier and more productive.

#4 – Clean up your messes

Less clutter = less stress. Our minds cannot live independently of the environments we are in. When those environments are messy and disorganized, we tend to be messy and disorganized. By simply cleaning up after yourself, you’re humbling yourself and practicing responsibility and also creating a more successful space for everyone.

#5 – Digital Detox

Pick a time when electronics turn off, so you can tune in. By turning off electronics, you’ll not only discover the natural balance of darkness and light to help sleep patterns, but you’ll be able to connect better with your loved ones. Human connection is one of the foundations of a healthy life experience. Let’s practice building those connections with each other without the help of texts, emails, social media and phone calls.

#6 – Get curious and really listen to each other

We often think we know exactly how a family member, friend, or relative will respond to a question or situation. But when was the last time you got curious and really listened to their response? Try letting go of the expectations of what someone might say or respond and hone in on your listening skills. Chances are, you’ll learn something new about the people you’re sharing living space with and they may just surprise you.

#7 – Do chores without resistance

We all have chores to do and they must get done whether we complain about them or not. Try changing the negative thoughts and emotions behind daily chores and just get them done without thinking. You may even find joy in the mundane!

#8 – Practice stillness

Find 5 minutes in your day to just sit or lay in stillness. When we allow our minds and bodies to find stillness, we anchor ourselves in the present moment and can tune in to our own intuition. We are often going nonstop that we forget what our inner voice even sounds like. By practicing stillness, we are building our listening skills, decreasing stress and improving our ability to handle adversity. Allow yourself to find your stillness and encourage your family members to find time for stillness as well and everyone will benefit! It doesn't have to be a long period of time, just 3-5 minutes works wonders for your body, mind, and soul! If you need a little guidance and a way to keep track of how mindful and still you are, join in the meditation and mindfulness challenge here.

#9 – Have dinner together at home

By setting a priority of having dinner at home, together, around the table, without the television on, we create a sense of community that will build our family unit stronger. This allows us the time to connect with each other and build relationships that can nurture our sense of belonging.

#10 – Sleep when you’re tired

Just like waking up with the sun, our bodies know best when it comes to rest. Fighting off sleep to watch just one more episode or respond to one more email will hijack your sleep patterns and send us down the rabbit hole of trying to “catch” up on sleep. If you’re overly tired during the day and can sneak in a nap, take it! Also try to notice in the evening when your body begins to get sleepy and stick to a bedtime that honors your body and allows your mind rest. To help your body begin to produce melatonin naturally, turn off over head lights and use lamps, shut down electronics (the blue light hinders the production of melatonin), and create a nighttime ritual that cues your body it’s time for sleep.

Our body cultivates what we practice, so by practicing these 10 tips (or even just 1 or 2 of them!) we can create a beautiful balance and harmony within the walls of our homes. Last week we kicked off a meditation and mindfulness challenge to help shift our attention to the present moment, you can still join here and start now by yourself or with your loved ones to help create a shift in your everyday mindfulness practice.

Remember that practicing mindfulness in your home shouldn’t be complicated or stressful. Although it may take some time and practice and intentionality, you and your family will reap tremendous benefits when you set a goal to be more mindful with the ones you love.


Sometimes we also need to get away to recharge our own batteries so that we can implement these lessons in our homes. If you're looking for a weekend to nourish your body, mind, and soul, consider the Nature & Nourish Retreat for Women in Marble Falls, TX in May. Click here to learn more.


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